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This is the Communications Workers of America Local 3104 website. As an AFL/CIO affiliated labor union, we provide bargaining unit representation, education, pension, medical, dental, vision plan and other traditional union services to our members. Our goal is to provide our members with useful information, resources, and representation. We fight for workers rights every day, and will never stop.

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Attention! AT&T SE announces First Quarter 2015 Surplus.

For the SE region's combined Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Florida's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Georgia's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Tennessee's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For North Carolina's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Mississippi's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Louisiana's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Kentucky's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

For Alabama's Surplus declaration. CLICK HERE.

CWA 4th Quarter SIPP Ready Takers List

The CWA 4th Quarter SIPP Ready Takers List is now out. Please Click Here.

The Daniel M. Byers 2014 Scholarship Winners

The 5 winners have been randomly selected! Congratulations Winners! Please Click Here.

CWA Local 3104 Pink Ladies

The Fight against Breast Cancer Click Here.

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Attention! A copy of the 2014 Mobility Labor agreement has been posted.

To access it go to the Contracts section in the LINKS/CONTRACTS tab above.

Attention! All Wire Techs now able to view and apply for available internal SE BST Jobs. For more info, CLICK HERE.

CWA and BST Agreement - Complete Contract. PDF document is 421 Pages long, please be patient as it loads. CLICK HERE.

Attention! YP Southeast Advertising and Publishing Contract. Please CLICK HERE.


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Check out this Music Video by the Brooklyn Cablevision workers. It's very well done.

Please share the video after you've watched it on your favourite social media and with your friends.

Thanks to our CWA Labor Movement...

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